Debunking 3 Myths About Calling

Debunking 3 Myths About Calling Featured Image

Are you searching for your calling but feeling overwhelmed by myths and misconceptions? It’s time to dispel the notion that your calling is limited to your ideal job or solely based on passion, and learn how to distinguish between personal passions and God’s purpose for you in the here and now.

Rebecca Ng: The Journey of a Turnaround Music Teacher

Interview with Rebecca Ng music teacher turnaround life reaching out to at-risk or high risk youths and students

Rebecca Ng was once an academically at-risk student with no clear direction in life. Today, she is a full-time secondary school teacher teaching music and working with at-risk students. Find out how her life was turned around!

Looking Back at 2021

Here are some of my highlights in 2021 – favorite posts, new design, mental health journey, and reflecting on my church ministry for 2022.

Why Teach?

“Start with Why”, says Simon Sinek. Here I am sharing an article I wrote back in 2003 about why I entered teaching, and how that has evolved over the years.