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The ‘Theology of Work Project’ website is one of my go-to resources to find articles, podcasts, and videos relating to integrating faith and work. Like them, I believe that the Bible has an incredible wealth of counsel for work. In fact, according to their study, nearly 900 passages apply to ordinary work.

What if we can organise the teachings of the Bible on work, in a way that addresses topics such as calling, conflict at work, performance, ethics, finance, fear of failure, difficult bosses, rest, truth and deception, and changing jobs?

That is what the Theology of Work Project is about.

“The vision of the Theology of Work Project is that every Christian be equipped and committed for work as God intends. A Christian approach makes work more meaningful and productive, benefits society and the people we work with and for, gets us through the challenges we face on the job, draws people to Jesus, and brings glory to God.”   

– Theology of Work Project, About

The Theology of Work Project (TOW) is an independent, international organization dedicated to researching, writing, and distributing materials with a biblical perspective on non-church workplaces.

On it, you can find resources for many of the most significant topics in today’s workplace, such as calling, ethics, truth and deception, provision and wealth, motivation, finance, and economics and society.

Most of these materials are available free of charge on the website, although they do have an online bookstore selling print-only publications.

Want to know what the Bible says about work in a specific passage?

Theology of Work Bible Commentary cover

You may be teaching a series on Faith and Work in your local church. Or you are doing a personal study on how to apply your faith in your workplace. You want to know what the Bible says about work in a specific passage. ToW Project has a very powerful resource, the Theology of Work Bible Commentary, which – according to them – is the only commentary that covers what the entire Bible says about work.

Sample a commentary on a passage from Genesis 1-11. You’ll be awestruck by the amount of content and research that has gone into the writing.

Or maybe Genesis 1-11 is too obvious for you? Then how about Judges, which is probably one of the last books you would associate with the theology of work? There are tons of gems to be mined from that book as well.

Their ‘Making it Work’ Podcast

Source: ‘Making it Work’ Podcast

I love listening to podcasts. And one of my favorite podcasts I go to for inspiration is ‘Making it Work’, produced by The Max De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary and the Theology of Work Project.

Here’s how they introduced their podcast, “Through conversation, scripture and stories, we invite God into work’s biggest challenges so that you can live out your purpose in the workplace.”

Like Jordan Raynor’s The Call to Mastery podcast (which I reviewed 2 weeks ago), Making It Work uses the interview format. The hosts, Leah Archibald and Mark Roberts, will hold a conversation with prominent guests from various fields of work every session.

Not sure where to start? Try:


I found the resources on the Theology of Work Project to be both theologically rigorous and genuinely practical. Their materials on topics such as calling, ethics, truth and deception, provision and wealth, motivation, finance, economics, and society, are wide-ranging and insightful. They are truly committed to bringing the Bible into the lived experience of work in every sphere of society.

I heartily recommend this website to you. Bookmark it now!

Let me know how you find it in the comments below. Do you have other resources on faith and work to recommend for me to review? Leave a comment too!


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